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Before and After Pictures from El Paso County
Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO

Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO

Before After
Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO

Homeowner requested a mitigation system that tied in to the perimeter drain/sump.

Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO

Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO

Before After
Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO

Testing effectiveness of passive radon mitigation sstem.

Radon Mitigation Before and After Colorado Springs, CO

Radon Mitigation Before and After Colorado Springs, CO

Before After
Radon Mitigation Before and After Colorado Springs, CO Radon Mitigation Before and After Colorado Springs, CO

A sub-slab mitigation system was installed in this Colorado Springs home against back wall of basement behind HVA system. 

Radon Testing & Radon Mitigation in El Paso County, CO

Your local radon and indoor air quality contractor

50% of Colorado homes have high radon levels

El Paso County is a high-risk radon zone

Did you know 50% of Colorado homes have high levels of radon gas? This comes from the CO Department of Public Health & Environment. In fact, El Paso County is in "Zone 1" with a potential for high radon levels, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And as a tasteless, odorless, cancer-causing gas the only way to detect it is through reliable radon testing. That's why homeowners in our community need to be ever more vigilant in protecting their houses from hazardous radon gas!

Why choose us for radon testing & mitigation?

  • Licensed radon testing & radon mitigation company
  • Reliable radon testing using a continuous radon detector & radon mitigation systems
  • Trained & knowledgeable radon gas and indoor air quality specialists
  • Free, no-obligation, in-home radon mitigation & indoor air quality consultations

Luckily, Purple Mountain Radon is your trusted radon testing and radon mitigation company providing reliable solutions in protecting homeowners throughout [city_page:state]. To learn more, call 1-877-565-2815 or click below to schedule a radon test or a free radon mitigation estimate!

Causes of high radon levels & indoor air quality problems

The primary causes of indoor air quality problems in homes are indoor pollution sources that release gases or particles. Such sources include radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, dust mites, and pet dander. When there's not enough fresh outdoor air let into the home, the level of indoor pollutants can increase. This can contribute to or worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. Some pollutants at high levels, including radon, can contribute to cancer and other serious health conditions. Don't ignore potential radon or indoor air quality issues in your home. Purple Mountain Radon is a qualified El Paso County radon contractor in the National Radon Defense network, providing expert radon testing, radon mitigation, and indoor air quality solutions.

Contact us today to schedule a radon test or request a free estimate!

What is radon and how is it tested?

Radon is an invisible, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown of uranium found in soils, rock, and water. El Paso County is in "Zone 1" with a potential for high radon levels (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Radon can seep through the soil, into the air, and through cracks and openings in home foundations, walls, and floors that are in contact with the ground.  The only way to know if your home has a radon problem is with testing. There are several methods to test for radon. At Purple Mountain Radon, we typically use a continuous radon monitor to measure radon levels for 48 hours.

Our Process & What to Expect

  1. Your professional will conduct a radon test in your home to accurately measure the radon level.
  2. If the results of your radon test confirm elevated radon levels, we'll then provide you with a free estimate for radon mitigation and install your system.
  3. We can perform future inspections of your radon system to ensure it's working correctly to reduce radon in your home.
  4. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected against radon exposure at home.

Our Radon & Indoor Air Quality Services in El Paso County, CO

  • Radon Testing: Continuous monitoring for accurate measurement of radon levels
  • Radon Mitigation Systems: Single-family and multi-family systems
  • Dehumidifiers: Effective moisture control to prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Indoor Air Cleaner: Breathe EZ Air Cleaner filters smaller particles, including radon decay products, unlike a standard air filter
  • Air Purifier: Aspen Air Purifier is a professional-grade air purifier that removes pollutants 10,000 times smaller than a human hair
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation: Replaces stale, polluted indoor air with fresh outside air
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation: Prevents harmful volatile organic compounds in the soil from entering the home through vapor intrusion

Don't wait to improve your indoor air quality!

Better indoor air quality starts here. Purple Mountain Radon provides radon testing and free estimates for radon mitigation systems and indoor air quality solutions in El Paso County. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

Job Stories From El Paso County, CO
Breathe EZ Air Cleaner
A client's radon level was slightly above the EPA's recommendation for mitigation of 4.0 pCi/L.  However, with a fully finished basement they didn't see an ideal location in the basement for a mitigation system. So, I told him about the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner. He was excited about it, but wanted to know how it worked. The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is an electronic filtration system that is easily inserted into the filter slot of the furnace. Not only does it filter for bacteria, viruses, and allergens, it also has a unique design that allows it to filter the radon gas radio-active particles when radon gas decays. There is an electronic instrument available that measures the radio-active particles, which is what I offered to use to conduct a test.   
We tested their basement for 4 days prior to installing the pre-Breathe EZ air cleaner, and then again for another 4 days after  installing the Breathe EZ air cleaner. Our pre-test results came back at 4.6 pCi/L with .002 WL (the WL unit of measurement measures how much decay product is in the air) and 5.5% Equilibrium Ratio. This equates to a .4 pCi/L. I told him that .4 pCi/L is what the average amount of radon gas is outdoors. I mentioned that they probably can’t get any better than that.  I told him that he really didn’t need a new filter with that result, but he insisted that we do the Breathe EZ post-test anyway. The post install results came back at 4.5 pCi/L, .001 WL and 2.5% ER. I was wrong, it could get better. Not only that, this client has a consumer grade indoor air quality sensor and told me that since the Breathe EZ filter had been installed, his VOC reading (which had been somewhat high) had been reduced to a normal range, also." 
Summary: ventilation does quite a bit to help reduce radon in the home. When running your air handler 24/7 in low-speed mode and in combination with a Breathe EZ air cleaner, you can significantly reduce the harmful effects caused by radon and radon decay products in your home. 
["The E-RPISU® (Electret Radon Progeny Integrating Sampling Unit) is powered by a low-flow-rate air
sampling pump that causes radon progeny to be deposited on a specialized filter paper. This filter
paper is integrated into an S chamber in such a way that the collected progeny ionizes the air inside the chamber. These negative ions are collected by a positively charged electret loaded into the S chamber,
causing the electret's voltage to drop; this reduction in voltage is proportional to the time-integrated radon progeny concentration." - Rad Elec, Inc.]
Look For Those Hidden Areas

After pulling a stacked washer & dryer away from a basement wall, we found an access panel to the bathroom plumbing where there was quite a bit of exposed soil; exposed soil is potentially a high source of radon. A can of spray foam was used to seal the exposed soil (and the cracks and crevices around the foundation and tub) to reduce the amount radon gas emanating from the soil.

Look For Those Hidden Areas - Photo 1Look For Those Hidden Areas - Photo 2Look For Those Hidden Areas - Photo 3
Two Systems

Earlier this year (2023) we mitigated a house in Calhan, CO. The original part of the home was built in the 1940's while the new addition was built in the early 2000's.  Because the home had two separate basement systems, where one of those basements had a sump pump and exterior drain tile,  the other did not. We originally planned to install a perimeter drain tile depressurization system (from the new addition) and connect with the sub-slab depressurization system (from the original side of the home).  The risers from both extraction points would then connect in the attic and have a single fan treat both areas.


On the day of installation, however, the home owner suggested a mitigation system using the sump pit (located in the basement) instead of digging down to the footing to reach the drain tile.   He directed us to the location where the plumbing went through the basement sub-floor and inside the bathroom wall where the shower plumbing was located.  We drilled through thefloor and inserted the pipe through the wall and up into the attic.  Unfortunately the trusses used for the vaulted ceiling left very little room to safely traverse the attic between the old side and new side of the home.  


We ultimately installed a sump depressurization system that went up through the bathroom wall from the basement. But instead of traversing the attic as we originally planned, we installed a second radon fan and penetrated the roof.  

Two Systems - Photo 1Two Systems - Photo 2Two Systems - Photo 3Two Systems - Photo 4
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